Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Music Review: Azhagiya Tamizh Magan

Film: Azhagiya Tamil Magan

Music: A.R.Rahman

I bet the makers of this movie would've chuckled quietly at the irony of the title with respect to its hero. How they managed to rope in A.R.Rahman baffles me. I kept my expectations under check, and I'm glad I did.

Ellapugazhum, the intro song, was probably composed in very less time. Rahman's singing is as usual mesmerising, although the tune hasn't made an impact just as yet. Frankly I'm disappointed by this song, for more than one reason, including Rahman scoring and singing for Vijay, Vaali writing these lyrics for Vijay.

Valayapatti is a folk based song, with a pleasant blend of Indian and Arabic percussions, multiple raaga changes, and some earnest singing by Naresh Iyer and Ujjayinee. The melody is good, albeit a little reminiscent of Kummi Adi.

Kelamal sounds like any other house song, only the melody is semi-classical. Sriram Parthasarthy's vocals leave you wishing he sang more for ARR. An average song, judging by Rahman's standards.

The initial harmonies in Maduraikku take you by surprise, and the dappankoothu-ish arrangements are very unlike ARR. However this is the one song in the album that bears the maestro's stamp. Benny Dayal turns out to be a revelation, doing full justice to an excellent melody.with awesome chord progressions and strings. Arguably the best song in the album.

Instantly catchy and commercial would be the words to describe Nee Marylin. The arrangements are more or less hip-hop, with the tabla peeping in occasionally to say hello. This song with vocals by Benny and Ujjayinee, is bound to be a hit with the masses. The lyrics are very wannabe hep. Sample this:

…Pengal Oru Mixie Vandhal Chutney
Pengal Oru Cricket Aangal thaan wicket
Chessboardil queenukku check vekka mudiyathu…

Rahman retains the original melody of Ponmagal Vandhal. It is a disappointment that someone like ARR has also been forced to churn out a remix.

Overall, an album the masses and Vijay fans would happily lap up, but followers of Rahman's music wouldn't be too happy about. As a hardcore Rahmaniac, I can only wish Jodha Akbar releases soon…

Trivia: Ujjayinee tells me Rahman Sir wanted a different start for the Marylin song, and asked her to try making wierd sounds. After trying for a long time, she finally gave up, and was chatting with Sivamani in another room in the studio. Little did she know that her giggling during the conversation was being recorded by Rahman, and has made its way to the song!