Monday, January 08, 2007

ARR turns 41!!

And this blog turns one! And with this comes great news: Boss's official website will soon be up! Here's what the developers of this site have to say:

This is a desire driven by all of us culminating into reality.
We take great pride in letting you know that the official website for a r rahman - is ready however since we would like to soak in the spirit of the new year with his birthday and the wonderful gesture shown by fans worldwide by contributing to the a r rahman foundation, we thought it was only fitting that we 'go live' with the website shortly so as to not dilute the focus and importance.
For the moment, you may log onto
What you get as fans through this is a first and exclusive look at what's coming your way...
the music, the mystery and the man unravelled like never before.....
Remember, this is just a teaser....the full fledged website will be launched by a r r himself shortly.....the official website domain is and the domain currently being used will be migrated.
To start off with, you can post your messages directly on the website which will be read by a r r. You can also register for updates on emails.
Obviously, what is expected of you is to go full fledged and spread this on as many forums and to as many people as possible.
Remember, the arrahmanfans@yahoogroups is the first and exclusive audience for this.
Thanks for all your love & support
Vijay Iyer
Gopal Srinivasan


Proud to be an ARR fan!!


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