Saturday, November 18, 2006

Music Review: GURU

I'll cut the crap about the wait being so long and Guru finally arriving. Here's my take:

Barso Re

Barso Re is good, especially the rhythm. Shreya Ghosal is her usual mellifuous self in this song. She sounds a bit South Indian in the song. I wonder whether to attribute this to the nature of the song itself or to the fact that Shreya's been pretty busy singing down South! The Gujrati interlude by Uday Muzumdar adds the Rahman stamp.

Tere Bina

To put it simply: Aural Ambrosia!
Rahman gets everything right in this song, be it his awesome swaras or Chinmayi's aalap, or the excellent tabla and backing vocals by Messrs Qadir and Murtuza. This is by far the best show of vocal skill and range by Rahman. Chinmayi deserves credit here, for she offers something totally different from the Kannathil.. song. Yes this song left me lachrymose the first time I heard it.

Ek lo ek muft

This song is waiting to grow on me. But the catchy rhythm and overall "bhaang" mood the song creates,coupled with Maniratnam's picturisation should keep the song on the charts for long. But I do feel Bappida goes a little overboard trying to sound different. The dandiya beats in the middle lend the "Gujju" touch to this song. I still can't believe the female voice is Chitra's ! Has there been some mistake in printing the credits??

Mayya Mayya

Excellent rhythm, strings and just the right amount of nose by Maryem Toller make this song sound genuinely "Arabic style". As if we asked for more we have the walide-walide-charpar-barse bit that only Rahman can think of ! And again where is Chinmayi??

Ay Hairathe

With Rahman its always the expect-the-unexpected. More or less a Ghazal, what you think is a harmonium accompanying the tabla turns out to be an accordion, and what a combination ! Hariharan sings a melody for ARR after ages and doesn't disappoint. Alka Yagnik supports him ably throughout the song. Yes, we have the dum-dara part sung by Rahman here again, and it blends beautifully with the song. Towards the end the chord progressions when Hari sings "Ay Hairathe" are out of the world ! Overall full marks to this song.

Baazi Laga

I loved the retro-latin feel in this song. Excellent guitaring and chord-progression. The accordion speaks again as does the piano interlude in the middle. Udit Narayan sings in his trademark style. Madhusree is good, but why did ARR have to use a vocal gapper on her voice ? Again, picturisation should do the trick with this one.

Jaage Hain

Chitra is at her best. Rahman is always at his best, and this song stands testimony to his musical knowledge. Never heard him sing so low ! The pizzicato style rhythm and bass cello are excellent and the chorus is aptly used. Did ARR do this song when he was doing Bose?? Ladies and gentlemen, we have an anthem here !

Overall an excellent offering from the legend, with no RDB hangover whatsoever. I must mention here ARR's habit of giving credit to everyone involved in a song be it additional vocalists, sound programmers or dialect coaches!! You rock!!

Rating: 8/10

7.5- Rang De Basanti
8.5- Tehzeeb
9.0- Bose-the Forgotten music
9.5- Water
9.5- Lagaan
9.9- Vande Mataram
10- I'm still waitin' :D

Disclaimer: The stuff written here is purely MY opinion. You are encouraged to express yours as well. And if you don't agree with the rating, this space for changes as the songs grow :)



Blogger akhil said...

nice review!

5:56 PM  
Blogger vijay said...


8:29 PM  
Blogger Sushma said...

Didn't like Tehzeeb all that much. Liked RDB more. RDB was def a more mass appeal album, the rest weren't that much. Guru is kind of like Iruvar, dated, classic....that sort of deal. Don't think it's quite a mass movie/album.

3:43 PM  
Blogger vijay said...

Tehzeeb in my opinion is a pretty complex soundtrack. I mean barring Khoyee Khoyee and I wanna be free, ARR seems to have put quite a lot of thought into the other songs. Especially Sabaq Aisa in which he gives Sindubhairavi an Oriental feel, with sax et al. Agree with u on RDB being out-n-out commercial! Guru is def better.

11:29 PM  
Blogger Utthra said...

Just discovered your blog today, you have a real good taste, honestly difficult to come by. And are you the same guy who's part of Super Singer?If yes, I think I watched one of the episodes where you came up with Summer of '69..impressive!
PS: Chinmayi has done the backvocals in the hindi version of mayya mayya..just a couple of lines..distinctly identifiable..the voices

10:25 AM  

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