Monday, January 02, 2006

Thirty nine years ago , five days later...

the phenomenon called A.R.Rahman came into existence.And what did the ensuing years hold in store for Indian music? A revolution....a revolution that would take the country by storm....that would have every youngster crooning the national song...a revolution that would give a new meaning to the concept of "songs of love and pathos"...finally the Indian ambassador of music had arrived!
And thirty nine years later this man continues to win the hearts of millions with his music.He doesn't speak much , and cliché as it may sound,his music speaks for speaks of love,it speaks of patriotism,it speaks of joy,it speaks of humility...
Here's wishing A.R.Rahman many more wonderful,melodious years ahead !! And the least i have to give on this occasion is this blog..


Blogger Sushma said...

Hey Vij,
Is the pressure to write too much? Neat post. Waiting for more...

8:53 AM  
Blogger pakala said...

amazing superb songs.....
nice composition.
my dear love (ar rahman)long live.
you are in my heart and soul.

thanks for the site and postings.
good work.
sudheer pakala
umea city sweden.

8:37 AM  
Blogger pakala said...

Hi dear vijay narain
Its me sudheer pakala INDIAN, RESEARCH STUDENT from sweden.
I don't know who you are and what you do!!!!!
But first of all let me say my sincere and heartily wish and thanks for your creation. I appreciate your work and time.

To see, meet and at least one minute talking with ARR is one of my best dreams. Actually i was planned to attend this concert in Hollywood bowl L.A. but unfortunately i miss that great opportunity.

But since that day i was searching for it to see if some one posts it. At last 1-2 threads i was able to found in google videos and youtube. I felt somewhat happy and still somewhere i am feeling incomplete. But today i have seen all videos, so i am so happy (dil se). But still some excellent songs haven’t been performed in the concert.

I am ARR great fan, not only his music, jingles, BGM, unique voice also his kind and generosity [like enhancing Indian tradition and culture, (vandemaataram, janaganamana) making tsunami concert for tsunami affected people and sparing his valuable time and participating in TB eradication, AIDS campaigns, and giving stage shows and music for preventing world poverty (world STAND UP programme).

And now the time for GURU….. from last month I was waiting for guru music. Alaps….. it happened today.. its fantastic.

If I met ARR my first question will be… Dear ARR why you created the everlasting impression and stolen my heart and soul with your unique voice and music??????

Ok its go on...
Any way thank you once again for your support and anticipating the same in future too.

yours sudheer pakala

8:51 AM  
Blogger vijay said...

Thanks for dropping by pakala

11:33 PM  

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